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About Us

The temple of Kheperu em INU is dedicated to worship of the Goddess NUT consort of NU and to mastery of the ‘Khaibit’ or shadow self. Our chaotic tantric rites are timed to the movements of the dark moons and the lunar eclipse cycles. We are pagan mystics dedicated to free exercise of the law of unconditional love :

To Encourage the Enlightenment,

Ashuui Tchaas

Nurture the Growth,

Ashui Uah

and Promote the Autonomy

Ashui Nef

of all Beings

em Kheperit

It is a strict adherence to this vow in all aspects of life that makes every action of our priesthood for others a blessing of the Goddess thus giving our priesthood the ability to channel the power of the abyss of the Nu.

We have been in operation training clergy since 1987, and have one of the most extensive occult library in the mid west.  Also our temple  is for the past 10 years has been in energetic and magickal partnership with the Fellowship of ISIS and we recommend seekers check out their site at -

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