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The Outer Circle of Priesthood

The temple has a self initiated outer court and group initiated inner court of clergy. Just as the the Goddess gives provision to all beings freely, so too must the initiated priesthood of INU not allowed to accept payment for any liturgical functions. In addition Inner Circle members are not allowed to communicate temple functions or teachings to the uninitiated without written permission from the main office.

The Outer Circle of this temple currently exist in partnership with the Fellowship of ISIS, and all members may apply for ordination to that order.

When self initiating to the Outer Circle the aspirant consummates a tantric union or marriage with the deity by pledging to offer the energies of their mundane works and desires to the service of her law. The stress is on purity of diet purity of action and reverence of life including relationships and sexuality at all times. After self initiation the aspirant must register with the temple after which they will be sent the study packet. The Outer Circle has their own set of texts which stress diet, meditation, purification of body and mind through the alchemy of the senses. All are available for those who wish to start a shrine of the goddess in their area. For those seeking Inner Circle initation must submit to a free detailed chart reading. The focus of which is to help the aspirant harness and apply their magickal ability in daily life.

Outer Circle: News & Updates
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