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Magickal  Training

ON GOING CLASSES -  as of 08/15/20
All classes listed are ongoing. Admission is available by appointment. There is a $20 dollar suggested monthly donation. If interested contact the temple at; 773 544-9908 to schedule

Beginning Steps in Left Hand Path kemetic  magick

Mondays at 7pm, location available upon request

This on going class focuses on helping the priest/ess developing and master the tools needed  to  successfully perform dark magickal workings. Subjects covers are: yoga and postures , vibration, energy working, astral and etheric projection, thought form creation, invocation and evocation, prosperity working  and the creation of magickal tools.


Working with Deity Energies

Fridays 7pm, location available upon request

This classes deals with aiding the Priest/ess in attaining the skills needed to successfully  summon and direct dark current energies to create and destroy. 
A few of the subjects covered are  working with the co-creative current for force, necromancy and exorcism, working advanced vibration and deity currents of power, offensive and defensive magick, pathworking and working with angelic and fallen angelic powers.

ONGOING CLASSES: What's Happening
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