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The Inner Circle of


The Inner Circle is a mentorship program. Upon acceptance the aspirant is assigned a mentor who will oversee their one on one training. Inner Circle teachings are rooted in the 5th dimension of being and beyond IE: tantric polarity, energy response and consciousness expansion. They are communicated through the physical, intellectual, and psychic link shared by student, teacher, and deity.

In practice there is a Spartan emphasis on ordeals of power, intensity and magickal effectiveness. The goal is to achieve the freedom to realize ones' full potential in accord with the Law of Unconditional Love. The teachings emphasis:

1. Respect for self, knowledge and teacher

2. Destruction of the inhibitions which limit the expression of love and individual potential

3. Mastery of the dark and primal subconscious cycles of energy.

4. Mastery of the 9 bodies and the 7 dimensions of being.

5. Mastery of the magickal use of the dark moons and the eclipse cycles.

6. Comprehension of the inner meaning of the sacred texts.

8. Selfless service to the Goddess and her temple to the community at large.

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