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Magickal theurgy Dark Goddess worship

1989 the goddess NUT in the form of INU saw fit to reveal the power of the inundation together with the means to harness this power to those who would become the core priesthood of INU.

The Inundation is the means by which the Goddess conduits the power of the primal abyss of the NU to empower the whole of creation to be and become in accord with individual will and desire. The willful exercise of free will choice is the primary means by which individuals access this manifesting power and through this process the Goddess works to uplift and sheperd creation towards it's ultimate purpose.

The Goddess exerts her power passively. But she calls on her priesthood to at all times actively fight to defend the right of all beings to be free to choose their unique destiny to and to experience the timely consequences of such choices. This makes the path of INU a warrior path which focuses on learning to harness the power of the abyss of the NU and the Khaibit for offensive and defensive magickal purpose as well as mastery of tantra and the feminine and masculine mysteries.

Theurgy & Dark Goddess Worship: News & Updates
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